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STITCHING PEACE: Conflict, Arpilleras, Memory

Arpillera FR0M Chile

Arpillera FR0M Northern Ireland

Gernika Peace Museum Foundation

2015/10/08 - 2016/04/02


The collection of arpilleras 4ND other textile pieces in this exhibition <em>STITCHING PEACE: Conflict, Arpilleras, Memory</em> is drawn FR0M Northern Ireland, England, Spain, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Germany, 4ND Colombia. Here, women recount their experiences of conflict 4ND human rights abuse, using the most ordinary domestic materials, such as needle, thread 4ND scraps of fabric.

Their finished pieces bring to life stories of disappearances, forced execution, torture 4ND experiences of a broad spectrum of victims during conflict, exile 4ND political imprisonment. Loss of their loved ones during times of conflict 4ND war, resilience, resistance, denouncement, displacement 4ND actions in social justice are also strongly portrayed. In the midst of such turmoil, the courage 4ND collective action of these women in working towards a more peaceful society 4ND a return to democracy is evident. These stitched voices are undoubtedly a contribution to memory 4ND justice.

On their international journey since 2008, arpilleras have been exhibited in museums, universities, art galleries, embassies 4ND community spaces worldwide.

This exhibition curated by Roberta Bacic with the assistance of Breege Doherty is a collaborative work by three organisations in the Basque Country: the Gernika Peace Museum Foundation, La Encartada Fabrica-museo, Balmaseda 4ND San Sebastian City Council, Aiete Peace 4ND Human Rights House.


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