Margarita María Museum. from Berriz to the World

The Vera Cruz Mercedarian convent has a surprise in store for the visitor. Inside it hosts a museum that will transport you from Berriz to the furthest corners of the earth – a journey of almost 500 years guided by works of art, documents, photographs, films, interactive screens, etc.

The museum starts by telling the story of the convent itself, from its creation in 1540.
It then goes on to recount the extrordinary life and work of Margarita María López de Maturana, who came to the convent at the end of the nineteenth century and transformed the cloistered order into the Missionary Institute of the Mercedarian Missionaries of Berriz. from the outset, this renovating institution was ahead of its time. For almost a century now, through the proclamation of the Gospels, it has helped underprivileged women from different countries to achieve their righful place in society. Visitors to the museum can follow the process of transformation, the involvement of the whole convent, the first missionary expeditions that set off from Berriz and their work in the countries to which they travelled...

A third section is devoted to the current work of the MMB, analysing the economic and social situation in each country and explaining what it is doing to address new situations and new needs.

Margarita María Museum. from Berriz to the World

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Address: Barrio Sallobente 25, 48240. BERRIZ
Telephone: 946 22 55 30


Guided tours on Sundays at 11am

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