Museum of Basque Nationalism, Sabino Arana Fundazioa

The collection, comprising original materials ranging from the nineteenth century to the present, is constantly expanding thanks to private donations. The items are notable for their historical and often sentimental value.

The museum has a collection of textiles, including flags, scarves and accessories, evoking an important part of the region s historical past.

There is also an important photographic collection, with illustrations and drawings, historical testimonies of Basque socio-political heritage, especially of war and exile in the mid-twentieth century.

The museum also has an educational function and seeks to heighten historical awareness among young people and encourage them to feel part of the country’s past.

The permanent exhibition is currently closed for renovation work, but we continue to tour the Basque country with temporary itinerant exhibitions, mostly accompanied by free educational activities.

General Details

Director: Marian Moreno
Address: Plaza Moraza s/n. Access to offices: Mandobide 6-3. 48007. BILBAO
Telephone: 944 05 64 50
Website: under construction


Closed for repairs

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