Orozko Museum of Ethnography

The museum is located in the Legorburu Palace, also known as the Kareaga House, an eighteenth century manor house in the Plaza Mayor in Zubiaur in the Orozko Valley.

The museum houses items, documents and testimonies of different aspects of life in the valley over the centuries, giving an idea of the different factors that have moulded its present situation.

The museum is meant to be both instructive and fun, with interactive and participative features, audio-visual media and other information resources.

The museum’s main purpose is to reconstruct the past of the Orozko valley, in order to give present and future generations an understanding of their ancestors, their traditions and their singular features. It is also hoped that by learning more about these aspects, visitors will learn to value and preserve the environment of the Orozko valley and the Gorbeia Nature Park.
The museum is housed in three floors, each devoted to a particular theme: the historical heritage of the Orozko valley; traditional life in the valley; and the settlers of the Gorbeia highlands.

Orozko Museum of Ethnography

General Details

Address: Palacio Legorburu. Plaza Zubiaur, 4. 48410. OROZKO
Telephone: 946 33 99 34

Website: http://www.orozkomuseoa.eus/



Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 2pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am - 2pm / 5pm - 7pm

High season ( July, August, Easter week and public holidays)

Monday - Sunday: 10am - 2pm / 4pm - 6pm

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